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To empower underserved and at-risk youth and keep them off the streets by providing holistic support, educational opportunities, and positive alternatives to engage in basketball and other constructive activities, fostering personal growth, resilience, and community connection.


Our vision is to create a safe and nurturing environment where every underserved and at-risk child has access to educational resources, mentorship, and recreational activities that inspire hope, build confidence, and unlock their full potential. Through our efforts, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and violence, cultivating a generation of empowered individuals who thrive as positive contributors to their communities.



Off Da Glass Squad, Incorporated is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. It was established nearly 14 years ago on November 1, 2010 to create a way to keep the youth off the streets and provide positive alternatives to engage in constructive activities all year round. We are dedicated to empowering young individuals through the platform of basketball. Our mentorship programs and basketball clinics aim to instill confidence, resilience, and leadership skills in the next generation of athletes. 


Children do not select the neighborhood they reside in. To help them stay on a positive path, we are heavily involved and committed to assisting them while they navigate through life. We keep constant communication with their parents and teachers about their education and behavior progress in class. We help set short-term and long-term goals while rewarding behavior and redirecting poor choices; teaching accountability and responsibilities. This is part of our "DEFENSE, MAN UP" Program.


We are so much more than just a basketball team and coaches. In addition to coaching youth, food, clothing, hygiene, transportation, basketball gear/shoes, basketball league fees to play, field trips and other necessities are provided free of charge, to keep the kids focused on their education and future goals.

Istay is one of our success stories. He joined our squad in 2010 as a sixth grader. Today, he is gainfully employed and is a full-time father.  



We facilitate bridging the gap with our inner city youth and communities by partnering with the Dallas Police Department.


  • We will visit the jails - (NOTE: we do not visit the jails, but we have connection within the jail to call us when a member of Off Da Glass Squad, Inc is in holding)

  • We go to shelters to check on our families

  • We attend court hearings

  • We cultivate family environments by attending funerals, baptisms, graduations, church events and birthday parties. 

  • Write letters of recommendations

  • Aid in mental safety consultations

  • STEM projects


We refuse to give our kids up to the streets, without a fight!

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